Mórúnir - natural dye workshop

We are a small natural dye workshop located at the edge of the arctic.  Icelandic wool is our passion and we specialize in plant dyed wool yarn as well as acid dyed wool yarn. 

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We have a large collection of yarn from our own sheep ( we own over 500 sheep at our farm!) both in the natural colors; white, black, gray, brown gray and brown (moorit).  We also dye icelandic wool made by Ístex, the largest woolmill in Iceland.

In our shop you can also find various handicraft, sheep and ram skulls and handmade soaps and candles. 

Opening hours in 2021   

18th of june until 2nd of august.

tuesday-saturday 11-17.

At other hours call +354 8661511 or send message through facebook messenger

We are sorry that our webshop doesn´t have an english version available.